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What banks does Finappie support?

Finappie supports 2136 banks and payment institutions operating in 19 countries.

Some accounts don't appear after connecting Finappie to the bank, what should I do?

Open banking is still in its infancy in many countries and is often not working as we would like.

The solution to this situation is simple. It is necessary to log in to your bank's internet banking, go to the settings of third-party applications, go to the modifications of the granted consent and there select all the bank accounts that you wish to have synchronized in Finappie.

Next, you need to click "Reconnect" for the given bank in the Finappie "Settings", go through the same procedure as when connecting your bank for the first time. From now on, you should see all enabled accounts synchronized in Finappie.

Can I have a separate Finappie account for each company?

Yes. In Finappie, you can have a separate account for each company with separate login credentials. Or you can have up to 5 companies, business (self-empoloyed) and personal finances together in one Finappie account.

If you prefer to have different Finappie accounts for each company, and at the same time you have bank accounts in the same bank, it is necessary to allow access to all the bank accounts that you want to have synchronized in Finappie. Otherwise, bank synchronization would work only one of your Finappie accounts.

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